August 06, 2006

you're still a super hot female

dear ingmar,

how is your summer going? mine is flying by. came back from week long sojourn from tibet, acquired circumstantial vertigo, bought some high quality turqouise for dirt cheap, and have developed newfound appreciation for rice pudding.

i'm looking forward to fall fashions hitting the stores later in august. this is very exciting for absolutely no good reason at all. i indulged myself with some marc jacobs ballet flats as a reward for being semi-productive these past few months.

as for work, the boss has promoted me which essentially means more responsibility, longer hours, but still the same pay. which totally sucks.

yesterday, my neighbor held his annual block bash, which resulted in 100+ people congesting our street with their bermuda shorts and ill-fitting tank-tops, accompanied by their equally fashionably unsound and ill-mannered offspring. my neighbor rented a massive inflatable moonwalk by the name of "undersea adventure" and then set out the most revolting buffet selection known to man. needless to say a seafood paella was among these dishes...along with the stalest, most cardboard-tasting chocolate chip m&m cookies i've ever eaten/spit out.

so that is that. last week we had a tremendous heat wave that left me melted somewhere between your shorts and the sticky leather seats of my car. then my a/c broke...yes, in the middle of soaring 100 degree temperatures.

on a happier note, i learned how to make killer french toast. along with the accompanying killer syrup. their combined awesomeness knows no bounds.

-- j