July 19, 2006


dear ingmar,

sometimes i like to not do something just because everyone else is doing it. like, the harry potter books? never read them. capri pants? don't own a single pair. american idol? never watched a single episode.

so when netflix became all the rage, i said to myself, whatever, there's got to be some catch. just like that columbia music club crap that lured me in with their promotional offers and then bitch slapped me with fine print of which i wasn't aware.

but then my boss sang and sang praises for netflix like he was up for a tony award. so i finally went to the site and checked it out. aiyyee! there's actually stuff i want to see listed! (i.e. foreign/indie films)

thoroughly excited, i signed up immediately and have been in a sort of movie-watching daze for the past few days. i've worked it all out, planned my life around this viewing schedule and am determined to get all 106 films watched at least once before i need to leave in october for paris. that and this fucking job...but it'll all be good.

so sorry if i get a bit absent, now you'll know why.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude. you need to read harry potter, ok? sometimes everybody's doing the RIGHT thing. its like, ya know, eating ice cream or something. or grapes. you can relate to grapes.

10:01 AM  

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