June 06, 2006

the work of kimberly gremillion

dear ingmar,

in keeping with the satanic theme of today's date, i give you the spellbinding works of one of my favorite photographers kimberly gremillion. i remember reading somewhere that her techniques rely partially on luck, as she fumbles around in the dark experimenting with lighting and exposure.

these below are from her "thresholds" series to which i am particularly drawn as they illustrate the thin line between this world and the one beyond, like a "waking dream, that creative space between consciousness and unconsciousness."


frankly, all her photos seem to evoke a transcendent eeriness that stays with you well after you've view them, sort of like a haunting memory that creeps its way in uninvited and overstays its welcome.



i hope these didn't frighten you because i didn't find them the least bit scary. they are not meant to be.

-- j


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