June 13, 2006

sweet sugar sunshine

dear ingmar,

here in america it is customary, when menaced by the most daunting of deadlines, to let out a low, cowardly groan with the effect of muffled disgust and then drop all work immediately in favor of some sort of gastronomical indiscretion.

in my case, i chose to make cupcakes. the results were most delicious.


-- j


Blogger Salt Water said...

Great choice. Cherry cake? What is that frosting? not butterscotch? maybe buttercream? I was just checking in with old blog friends and found your site. I measure good in the world with a cake scale. Moldy Anglefood cake is worst and Wipped Cream Covered Chocolate cake is best. I can fit every life experience into the rankings inbetween. Thanks for the great Cherry Cake post.

7:03 AM  

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