June 09, 2006

summer checklist

1. finish the manuscript that got out of hand and became some insane, senseless cry of aimless desperation. Check.

2. find work at small obscure local production company where the headquarters are located in the "corner niche" of a hovel otherwise known as "the studio" of a raging lunatic otherwise known as "the boss". Check.

3. sign up for a review course of the French language in a haphazard attempt to refresh material that was never learned in the first place. Check.

4. become familiar with esoteric cultural references dealing with subjects cared only by the underground community of bitter angry politcally subversive pretentious pseudo-intellectuals. Semi-Check.

5. become addicted to snorting cocaine, develop an eating disorder and become preoccupied with amassing cratefuls of vintage second-hand, purposefully raggedy clothing still imbibed with the smokey aroma of its cancerous predecessor. OH MY GOD.


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