June 22, 2006

office space

dear ingmar,

my new boss looks like a younger, skinnier version of kevin costner...you know, before he packed on the pounds and got stingy with the benjamins. and last night message in a bottle came on tv. good god, i almost sat through the entire thing because i figured i should give it a chance because the cast also consisted of robin wright penn and paul newman...but it was dreadful regardless. what was i thinking watching a kevin costner movie? what was i thinking, ingmar?!

anyway, work is good because i'm learning stuff and i'm working on a subject that really interests me. if i do well, the boss will let me try my hands at the other two big projects he is working on. so of course, that's always exciting. what i don't understand is why it takes him years to complete something. it gets frustrating for me. i am a person of immediate results. i need to measure my year out in accomplishments. i am sick this way.

so much going on, so little time. i'm commuting and this is turning me bitter. i need to buy new sneakers. i'm the type to wear a pair for years beyond its tolerated use just because i hate shopping for new ones. this pair is ripping at the seams and has through-and-through holes where those wretchedly inconsiderate thai monks have carelessly dropped incense ashes during prayer. insolent berks.

the end of this month is marked by several important events, a couple of which include family member birthdays. i've been wrecking my brains out buying presents. most annoying.

tomorrow i'll come back with another pop culture round-up. i know you secretly enjoy those.

-- j


Anonymous av said...

Hi, great blog, I’ve been visiting it for a while now, keep it up.

Hope you like Tibet… if you decide to buy new sneakers, make sure they do not have any holes, I think Tibet is very cold…
By the way, why don’t you open a travel agency? It would be perfect for you. (Just kidding) :)

9:12 AM  

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