June 27, 2006

the day is done

dear ingmar,

sorry about not posting a pop culture roundup like i promised. i haven't had the time and these celebrity folks, they are always doing crazy things. they operate on a different time scale and one week in their world is like a year's worth of drama for the rest of us. anyway, maybe later this week i will post something.

i wonder what your days are like sometimes. are you still active in your artistic community? i heard that you do a lot of small theatre productions now. i wish i knew swedish. i wish i knew so many things.

well, let me tell you a bit more about my days. i wake up quite early, grimace at the persistance of my back pain, slide out of bed like jelly filling, and force, i emphasize force, myself to go through the banal morning routine. i am usually on the road by 8am, driving and mingling with the rest of the commutters, singing horribly out of tune to a series of car mix cds and gesticulating wildly to "clap back" and occassionally mouthing to other drivers "small town girl."

by the time i get to the studio, i am exhausted. it's quite an intimate setting and i kick back in my little nook and await whatever tedious instrustions i am to be given for the day. my boss is the most indecisive person in the world but what's worse is that even though he is wishy washy, he dislikes taking in your suggestions. he wants to know what you think but he doesn't, you know what i mean? he would sit there whacking his jitz out for ideas but then shoot down every one i give him. so eventually i just don't bother offering my thoughts because no matter how great they are, he'll dislike them. he is divorced, NO WONDER!

anyway, so the rest of the 12-14hr day consist of me sweating in the non-air conditioned loft and killing myself softly with his song, strumming my pain with his fingers...oh i mean, it's wonderful opportunity and i love it!

then when it's dark and my night blindness has impudently set in, i must set about the task of driving over an hour back home. such a stressful, frequently misguided venture would not be complete without blaring car mix #6 specifically designed for nocturnal alertness, in other words, if my car could dance, it would be bouncing on its two back wheels.

so that is pretty much my day at least for part of the week. the other part of week...i dedicate to another job but i'll tell you a bit more about that some other day.

-- j


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