June 07, 2006

angels, demons and all things in between

dear ingmar,

i am such a fool. i spent four long frost-bitten years on the hallow grounds of cornell and never once did i pay a visit to its rare manuscript collection. it is not until i've moved on, swore nothing would ever drag me back to that god-forsaken frozen hell did i realize what a magnificient resource i had missed out on.

thankfully, someone had the brilliant idea to devote a website to some of the plates, woodblocks, and other illustrations featured in these rare books and manuscripts. here is the link.

i am practicaly giddy with this new discovery for i've always been particularly fascinated with forgotten etchings and book plates. i think if i could make a decent living as a rare books dealer, i would. sort of like johnny depp in the ninth gate. hell, throw in some conspiracies and secret cults and i couldn't be happier.

-- j

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Blogger Rob said...

Interesting blog.

Last year I wrote some ludicrous short stories based on Hieronymus Bosch's paintings.
I came across an interesting webpage with some weird Renaissance etchings and engravings


maybe you'll like it

7:59 AM  
Blogger -- j said...

thanks for the link.

hieronymus bosch is fantastic. i love his paintings.

12:13 AM  

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