June 11, 2006

and it begins all over again

dear ingmar,

i overslept through "sunday morning shootout"and spent the rest of the afternoon in a languid daze. the tin can gray of yesterday has lifted its lid to a beautiful sun-filled afternoon, none of which i took advantage.

the travel channel aired a decent show "the secrets of the holy land" which i actually sat through in its entirety, slumped on the couch festering like a convict in an lebanese 6.5 x 9.8ft jail cell. what you don't know is that i'v already seen this show before, twice.

the only reason i kept watching was because "incredible catacombs" was set to air afterwards and you know i can't resist anything dealing with skulls and bones and the amassing of human skeletons. how fantastic, yes? my favorite of all time has always been the kostnice ossurary located in sedlec, kutna hora, czech republic (about an hour away from prague). what i like about it is that it's not just a pile of skeletal rubble thrown together but it's a work of majestic art. have a look below. splendid, no?

in other personal news, at precisely 7:48pm, it began again. the work.

manuscript #2 is being put on hold while #3 has pushed its way to the center of attention like a tantrum throwing child. what am i to do? abandon everything and pacify it, of course.

so there it is, a total shift in focus.

that was my day. i hope yours was just as uneventful. and i mean that in the most empathic way.

-- j


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