May 20, 2006

regular tv is okay sometimes

dear ingmar,
amc has been disappointing me. when did the 80s become “classic”? what happened to the good old days when it used to air stuff like an american in paris? i don’t get tmc anymore. nor do i get ifc and sundance like i did when i was back in school. so last night, i did the unthinkable. i watched pbs. and i enjoyed it.

no, seriously, pbs sometimes airs a few things from the bbc, for example my family and other animals and carrie’s war which weren't bad. they both were kind of good actually. personally, i’d like to see the british film industry get back on its feet again. frankly, i think they are producing better actors than we are (haven't they always been? ha! no, i kid. actually, i sort of am not), at least currently .

speaking of british actors, i saw the da vinci code (b-) and how great is ian mckellen?! the man, he never disappoints. even in really silly roles, like in x-men.

- j


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