April 01, 2006

elephants are prickly wouldn't you know

dear ingmar,
do you know bruce weber? i know you keep mostly to yourself these days but i figured you'd know about the who's who of fashion photography seeing how you've always been very knowledgable and meticulous when it comes to the styling your characters. i found bruce’s website the other day. i don’t know why it never occurred to me to look. he’s done good work. his new film about his dogs looks interesting, certainly the writing appears good.

speaking of photographers, i watched capote the other day and was reminded of richard avedon (because there is a scene where avedon goes to kansas to take the criminals' photos). i didn’t even know he died in ’04! i'm terribly out of it, i can't believe i didn't even hear about his death.

anyway, we are reminded of avedon all the time. the march issue of harper’s bazaar uk with cate blanchett? made me swoon. it was a tribute to his dovima with the elephants in case you didn’t know. dovima was wearing a dior dress (1955) but i don’t know who cate is wearing. whoever it is, it’s gorgeous.

-- j


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